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Interior Design | Decorating

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Vani’s proclivity towards the Vedic sciences and naturally intuitive nature makes her a sincere practitioner in the application of Vaastu Shastra. Her methodology and repertoire of skills incorporate both the traditional and scientific perspectives. More than 10 000 case studies, validate the approach and systematic diagnostic methodology used. Vani is the 1st in Africa, to apply this methodology, having personally diagnosed over 400 cases across South Africa, U.S..A, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Dubai, Germany and Australia. Modern adaptations of Vaastu Shastra are coupled with her formal qualifications as an Interior Decorator to ensure aesthetic living and working spaces


Vani Pavadai comes from a family steeped in the upliftment of society and sports. Her late grandfather Bob Pavadai, was the 1st President of the South African Non-White Cricket Union. Her late father Duggie Pavadai, was the ghost printer during the Apartheid years for the then banned ANC, SACP, UDF and COSATU. Men of great generosity, with remarkable contributions to social service, sports, and politics shaped her spirit of community. An ardent student of the Classical Art form of Bharatanatyam at the age of 10, a disciplined catholic convent schooling and a visionary father shaped the early years of Vani’s life.

Eighteen years were dedicated to the perfection of the Bharatanatyam art form, of which yoga, carnatic music, meditation and the study of Indian philosophy and scriptures are integral. Vani graduated and toured internationally as a performing artist which included performances at the prestigious Music academy in Chennai, India, addressing the Foreign Artists Festival in New Delhi, and performing in Singapore.


Her insatiable thirst for meditation, yoga, and the ancient scriptures led her to spiritual Guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Her university degrees and corporate life were passionately substituted for a life dedicated to setting up the Art of Living Foundation in Southern Africa as early as 1998. She forms part of the Senior Faculty, with over 23 years of training experience in the field of personal self development, wellness and meditation.. Vani has, and continues to positively inspire 1000’s of individuals, through the Art of Living workshops. 


Society and the world is merely an extension of our self. Vani is passionate in her pursuit to effect positive change in society. Throughout her teenage and university life she has played a strong role in the propagation of the Fine Arts and social service. As far back as 1998, she facilitated Art of Living wellness programs in prisons, townships and drug rehab centres. Her sincere desire to teach meditation as a tool for inner peace, saw her initiate and lead The Art of Living Foundations’ peace effort, I Meditate Africa – spanning 23 African Countries where over 3.5 million people participated in the campaign. Vani became one of the youngest women to serve as the Chairperson for the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) in South Africa from 2002-2012. IAHV is a UN Chartered NGO based in Geneva that develops and implements outreach programs.