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We provide a comprehensive and personalised analysis to bring your existing residential or commercial space into the best possible balance. A typical consultation includes a mini presentation, site visit, and a feedback session. Our services extend to include residential and corporate property selection prior to purchase, these include sectional title schemes and freehold stands with pre-defined architectural plan types; necessary remedial recommendations are provided prior to occupation. Existing properties form part of a large portion of our consultations.


Designing a space that would support the best version of those who occupy it is the essential aim of Vaastu Shastra. To achieve this a collaborative design process ensues with an architect, to integrate Vaastu principle’s with architecturally sound designs; without compromising aesthetic value. Plot selection, and other finer aspects of the construction process are also considered

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Renovations either alter the space positively or negatively. Consequences around one’s financial position, relationship, career or health can be felt 3-6 months post a renovation. Vaastu prinicples can be considered during the renovation process in consultation with your Architect to create enhanced, balanced and  productive living spaces.

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A home or work environment is an extension of our mental, physical and emotional space; our subconscious mind Vani’s knowledge around spacial planning, colour, textiles, fabrics flooring, lighting, furniture and artifacts, makes for a beautiful marriage with Vaastu Shastra. Achieving the right elemental balance in the space, positively enhances one’s subconscious mind, which is essential that part of our mind that drives us. Vani holds a formal qualification in Interior Decorating from the Chapters Design Company which is the only training facility in Southern Africa recognized and approved by the international UK City and Guilds Body.


Services range from logo design to the development of a full corporate identity according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.


This is the strategic placement of swastika yantras (also known as energy plates) into cardinal points of the property creating a grid or field of energy. The yantras are powered with the swastika symbol. When charged, the yantras are capable of realizing a million bovis units of energy. This is a significant amount of energy, particularly when compared to the fact that the human potential is only 6500 bovis units. Precious stones (ranging from Emeralds, sapphires, crystals etc.), accompany these yantras, along with Sanskrit mantras or vibrations, nullify defects and effect a huge energy surge to charge or discharge energy throughout the property. This beautiful technique works on the science of the nine planets (navagraha), and its influence over our minds and life. This forms part of traditional astrology and Vaastu Shastra.

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Integral to every analysis is the correctness of your Architectural Floor Plans. When these are not available our preferred architectural technician, with 10+ years of experience is able to provide you with as-built drawings, at a cost effective rate. The scope of work includes and is not limited to , residential homes, commercial buildings, factories and warehouses.     

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Vani and her husband Sanjay are meditation and wellness facilitators for the Art of Living foundation for over 23 years, serving as part of the senior Faculty within Africa. Collectively they have taught 15 000+ people.

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