“In 2015, I was introduced to the principles of Vaastu through Vani, which I implemented at my factory as well as my home. Since we applied the small modification around my house and at the main factory, my financial situation has improved substantially. The high accident levels at our factory reduced considerably, and my business has now attracted hard working  and committed staff which was lacking previously. We are indeed extremely grateful for having experienced this highly effective knowledge that has changed things so positively for us, and gratitude to Vani.

Nick Papadopoulos, Owner Meze Foods SA

“The Yoga Republic, is so very fortunate to have crossed paths with Vani when we were still in our first rented premises. When we found our new premise to purchase for our Eco yoga studio it was the perfect opportunity to implement the Vaastu from the foundations up. Vani  was instrumental in the design stage of the new space, advising where all the different “areas” & activities needed to be positioned.  All her “magic”‘ was done from the ground up. The results have been truly amazing. We receive compliments about the serenity and calmness of the space all the time,  and our business has grown in leaps and bounds. Nothing we do gets done without a consultation from  beautiful Vani. We are filled with gratitude and love for Vani and the amazing work she does so passionately and professionally.”

Owners, the Yoga Republic

I am writing this to share my experiences of Vaastu with the rest of the world. Being an electrical engineer with a spiritual inclination meant that I was highly conflicted before our first meeting with you to discuss Vaastu. My wife had attended one of your presentations in June 2015 and had insisted that we do a consult with you. I sort of dragged my feet and it was several months before we actually did have the consult. The reason for doing the consult was that our energy business was in a bit of turmoil. The background to this is that we own and run an energy engineering company that was at the top of its game from 2004 to 2013. Our turnover was significant and growing every year. Everything we touched turned to gold. We had a very good committed team and very little staff turnover. As with every business there were mistakes from time to time but nothing that created any major drama 

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Ravi Govender, Karebo Group

Dear Vani


Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your work and support that you have extended in implementing Vaastu Shastra in our home and lives.There were so many areas which we struggled with and even though I am no where near having completed the entire remedial measures you recommended, we have experienced so many shifts in our lives already.


Have a look at what has happened since instituting just a few of your recommendations:

Marriage: The Vaastu has had a very positive impact on our marriage,  and I are living in much more harmony and understanding. There is so much more support and understanding. My son’s school performance at school has been positive.  He has done so well in his occupational therapy that his Occupational therapist uses his writing as an example for other kids and feels he doesn't need OT anymore. Expenses has decreased and we are making more effort to save on unnecessary expenses,  whereas before the recommended changes, money was just coming in and going out in expenses. I've implemented much of the changes in the Depression zone and it has had a huge impact in our lives, the colour changes had an instant positive impact on our mindsets. When my husband works in the work zones your recommended he experiences  a positive shift  .Last week he was working in the zone and got a call from a judge asking him if he will be interested in an acting judge position next year. The change of colors thus far has definitely impacting in balancing emotions and life is much calmer and harmonious at home.There are times when we may argue while we are out but the minute we step into our home we stop arguing and are happy and harmonious. We still have a lot to finish and I am really looking forward to enjoying all the more benefit of your recommended changes at home as we have only experienced positive impacts on the family thus far.


Thank you again not just for your accurate and detailed work but also for your true concern and care that you have extended to us and our well being.

Anu Nepal, Cape Town TV, Program and Compliance Manager

After receiving the Vaastu assessment from Vani I began to make the recommended changes. I immediately started to feel a difference in my space and within myself. After a few months these difference became more pronounced. Vani is open , warm and sincere in her approach and is a pleasure to deal with. After the positive results I have experienced in my life I feel that the science of Vaastu is valuable and would recommend the application of these principles to one’s home or business.

V. Doolabh, Johannesburg

Dear lovely Vani.

Once again you have blown my minds with this knowledge. After our kitchen renovation, which we did without Vani’s consultation (note to self never do anything again without consulting Vani), we started having money stolen from us and all unfavorable things happening on the financial side in our lives. A visit from Vani- ‘oh no there is water in your fire zone- change that ASAP-  This mean financial loss.’ We changed our beautiful black floor to a wooden floor and with 24 hours the following happens:

  • MTN refunds me for the money spent on a stolen SIM card they had previously told me was not their problem and they would not refund me.

  • My husband gets a refund from SARS

  • A staff member I caught stealing money from me paid it all back. It’s unbelievable.


Thank you Vani for your knowledge – you make this world a better place by sharing and being you.

Clint and Claire Smith

Our initial Vaastu consult with Vani was met with huge scepticism, to say the least. Through her presentation, our understanding & fascination for this amazing architectural science grew. The detailed analysis report presented by Vani, coupled with her care & passion totally impressed us. We started experiencing the subtle effects from that day onward. As we progressed with the recommended changes in our home, we were amazed at how our personal, family & business challenges seemed to dissipate. The changes in our lives went from subtle to overwhelmingly Amazing! So we done with all the analysing & have complete trust & faith that the Vaastu has truly worked in our lives. We have learned so much about ourselves & remain in gratitude to Vani for guiding us so passionately. It has no doubt been an invaluable blessing.

Bilkees & Ebrahim Dinat

Both myself and my wife did hear of Vaastu Shastra some time back, however about about a year ago we were provided with the inner workings of this Vedic science by Vani and Sanjay and found it to be very intriguing. Since the adoption of the Vaastu Shastra into our house and our lives we have certainly seen tangible changes in both our professional and personal lives. We have reaped the benefits tenfold from our initial investment. Copious amounts of money are expended daily on items apart from food, from entertainment to luxuries that sometimes is truly unnecessary . However an investment made in Vaastu is an investment in a future for you and your family to enjoy a more fulfilled life  on various levels , good health, wealth, prosperity and a spiritually enriched life. It’s almost magical and miraculous to see how beautifully life has unfolded in terms of careers opportunities that were secured, subtle but astonishing development in mannerism and emotional behavior of children including academic performance. Above all an inexplicable sense of harmony , peace and joy in the home that’s priceless. We feel blessed to know Vani and Sanjay , they became part of the family . It has been such a beautiful, seamless process , problem free with incredible benefits . We feel blessed and thankful to had this opportunity. We would certainly recommend others to try it out and see for themselves.


Thank you Van & Sanj!

Anonymous Midrand

Since the Vaastu Shastra was performed in my home, I believe that I’ve maintained a well- balanced and peaceful life. Spiritually, I’ve excelled and the programmed space has influenced the positive direction my life has taken. Over the past 3 years, life presented me with the most amazing opportunities in terms of career. As a result, I’ve traveled the world twice, I interact with some of the influential people in my industry and great leaders in general. I’ve won awards, purchased property, up-skilled myself, and completely in touch with who I am and what feels right for me. Yes, there’s always room for improvement, but there are only two things required: Faith and Patience! And then allow Vani’s open and sincere heart to do the rest.

Roshni Morar

Dearest Vani


I wanted to write you a letter to tell you about the terrific impact your Vaastu Shastra skills have had on my life. Initially, I was very sceptical. I thought to myself “yah ok so she sees the plans of my house, how will that help?” Then, after looking at the plans, you came back to us with the 3 biggest issues that were affecting us. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe that you could look at our plans and house layout and deduce that we had:

  1. Family relationship issues

  2. Cash flow issues

  3. My personal marketability in the workplace was low

It was at that point that I started to think that there was definitely some merit to this. After your explanation of how this works, and the initial consult, I was still a little sceptical, because I thought ok, lucky guess – you picked up on some issues I had… how are they going to be addressed.

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P. Sonne, Johannesburg

Introducing Vaastu Shastra into our space has been an amazing process. Even though we were advised that it would take some months to fully see the impact of implementing the changes into our home, we found that life shifted and doors opened from within 2 weeks. The alignment of financial and relationship zones has led to the birth of opportunities in the areas that required attention, and enhancing the effects of areas that were already balanced has brought an abundance of new potential and growth.

G. Kali, Agni Media, Johannesburg

Vani consulted with early February 2016.  I was recommended by one of my closest friends.  Although I had a 6 week wait for my consultation, it was well worth the wait. I experienced and few challenges that were recurring in my life – I had challenges with personal relationships, my network of clients was barely existent, and I was always blessed with making money, however it seemed to vanish equally fast.  I am self employed and working from home. Vani is one of the most beautiful, gentle souls, I have met.  She offers solutions that are simple, yet practical.  I didn’t have to go out and spend thousands – the recommendations were done with ease.  Everything I do around my home, is done with Vaastu in mind.  I found that clients that I have not heard from in years, reached out to me.  My relationships are easy personally and professionally.  Every client I meet gives me more work.  Deals are closing with ease.  At times, I have been overwhelmed with “how am I going to deliver?”  I have been getting referral business – word of mouth.  And one year later, January 2018, I am now moving into offices – which of course, Vani will be consulting with before I consider taking it. Thank Vani for introducing Vaastu in my life!

Anita Munsamy, Director, RED Recruitment, Johannesburg

I have been blessed to cross paths with Vani who has literally made a huge impact in my life and living space at home.  The first time I experienced the positive effects of vaastu was in 2014 when my husband and I were on the verge of separation and financial strain. Having heard about Vani’s gift to the world and the amazing work she has done, we contacted her for assistance.  I can only say that meeting her was divine intervention. Vani is not only professional, accurate, and extremely knowledgeable but also fun to be around.  She shared her profound knowledge on vaastu and provided an in-depth analysis of our current living space, which was the cause of such turmoil at home. Her guidance and personal touch to the remedies that needed to be done was implemented and 3 months later my family was on a solid path of recovery. We really do under-estimate just what a difference having a living space with proper flow and balance can mean in terms of happy, healthy and relaxed living. Also, our heavy financial strain encounter improved immensely to the point of been blessed with a new home this year and once again we consulted with Vani to create a happy space for us. Couple her vaastu knowledge with her design talent and you have someone that is an exceptional person to work with. Even my son is now sleeping in his own room J Bonus ! Thank you Vani, you have changed our lives forever with vaastu- personally, professionally and spiritually!!

Mrs. Naidoo, Johannesburg.

“Although I read about Feng Shui and heard about the even more ancient Vaastu Shashtra, I was cautious to do anything to my home without consultation with someone I trusted. My own esoteric journey had already firmly established the interconnected nature of everything, so when my friend, Vani Pavadai, became the very first Vaastu Archarya in our country, it was like a gift from the Divine. My first consultation with Vani was in  2013 after being in my home for 15 years. She professionally and quickly identified areas in my home which where indicative of problem areas in my life. After applying several of the simple remedies, I experienced a huge shift in my surroundings and myself. As a person who meditates daily, I felt the shifts profoundly, sometimes on the physical level and sometimes more subtly.The most significant changes that I experienced was a new depth of my yogic practice and my ability to study, focus, retain information and concentrate, which I was struggling with earlier. My relationships with certain people, which had been turbulent and uncertain suddenly settled down bringing a sense of peace to my mind. Some changes were slow to manifest, and I soon realized that this was as a result of me not  implementing all the remedies. Once I applied all including things as simple as painting a few walls,  I have experienced  a contentment, the calibre of which I had never before experienced. ‘Thank you’ cannot express the gratitude I have to Vani and Vaastu Shastra. We are so fortunate to have this ancient wisdom held and shared by a person like Vani, who is herself honorable, trustworthy and a person of integrity.

A. Naidoo. Johannesburg

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