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“In 2015, I was introduced to the principles of Vaastu through Vani, which I implemented at my factory as well as my home. Since we applied the small modification around my house and at the main factory, my financial situation has improved substantially. The high accident levels at our factory reduced considerably, and my business has now attracted hard working  and committed staff which was lacking previously. We are indeed extremely grateful for having experienced this highly effective knowledge that has changed things so positively for us, and gratitude to Vani.

Nick Papadopoulos, Owner Meze Foods SA

I am writing this to share my experiences of Vaastu with the rest of the world. Being an electrical engineer with a spiritual inclination meant that I was highly conflicted before our first meeting with you to discuss Vaastu. My wife had attended one of your presentations in June 2015 and had insisted that we do a consult with you. I sort of dragged my feet and it was several months before we actually did have the consult. The reason for doing the consult was that our energy business was in a bit of turmoil. The background to this is that we own and run an energy engineering company that was at the top of its game from 2004 to 2013. Our turnover was significant and growing every year. Everything we touched turned to gold. We had a very good committed team and very little staff turnover. As with every business there were mistakes from time to time but nothing that created any major drama 

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Ravi Govender, Karebo Group

In our immediate home we were quite happy and had a very happy thriving family. Therefore the first consult specifically focused on work and the office.

Due to the growing nature of the business we moved into a new office that we purchased in 2013. The move happened in June 2013. This new office consolidated all our operations in Johannesburg under one roof – we had our offices and warehouse in one property housing more than 60 largely professional staff.  Prior to this we operated out of an office in Sandton that we had also owned from 2007 and had a separate warehouse facility in Midrand.

Reflecting back on that 2013 move, that is the point when the business starting unraveling. Contracts that we were working on dried up and contracts that we bided on (that we were awarded previously) all of a sudden stopped or were being blocked from being awarded. All new work that we bid for was also unsuccessful. At the end of 2014 we were awarded a substantial contract from the EU for a project in Lesotho. We bid for that work in April 2013 before we moved. We ultimately cancelled that contract with the EU in July 2015 because the Lesotho government was just not co-operating as previously agreed upon.

In the new offices staff started making mistakes – some of them big mistakes – that would haunt us for the time that we were still in the space. We started retrenching staff for the first time in our existence in October 2013 and again in June 2014. The remaining staff did not have a very high morale. Work coming in was patchy and not substantial and thinking back now our cost exceeded our income from mid 2013 to Feb 2016 (when we moved out) – we were surviving on our gains made from previous years. All the gains that we made over the years were being eroded to the point that I was seriously contemplating whether to continue with the business or close up shop and cash in on the assets on the balance sheet. It was at this point that Vaastu Shastra came into our life.

We had our first consult with Vani and Sanjay in November 2015 and I shared some of the issues but not all of them – at that point I was still extremely skeptical. On the Sunday before the first consultation I spent two hours researching Vaastu and was still no closer to being convinced that it would work for me or was the root of my problem – my view at that point was that the industry was going through a difficult period (which it was going through) and that we were a casualty in this downturn.

During the November 2015 consult I explained to Vani how the business started and the different premises we occupied. Vani then took her notes and pictures and obtained all the information she needed. During that consult I mentioned the previous offices we occupied and told her that I was contemplating selling it (in fact the office was being sold because I was liquidating that asset to pump the funds back into the business – the original sale agreement signed in August had lapsed due to the buyer not getting his bond on time but his bond was approved in November and I had not signed a new sale agreement as yet as we were still negotiating some additional items)

Vani also remarked that she would like to look at the plans of the previous office and to give me a view of the energy in that space as well.I recall that Vani did her analysis of the office in the period between Christmas and New Year of 2015 and we exchanged several messages during her analysis. The summary of her analysis was as follows:

  1. The office was completely at odds with good Vaastu practice

  2. There was not one single door that contributed to any prosperity or wellbeing.

  3. The doors were positioned so that costs were high and staff were not supportive

  4. The toilets were blocking new work & contracts

  5. All the staff were sitting in incorrect positions for productivity

  6. I was sitting in a space where I was in a state of constant anxiety (I never mentioned that to Vani)

  7. Some of the senior staff were also sitting in spaces that lead to low morale (I did not share with her during the consult)

  8. In a nutshell – everything that could be wrong with the space in terms of Vaastu was in reality wrong with our new offices


Vani then did an analysis of the previous offices that we operated from, and that office was almost 100 % perfect in terms of Vaastu.We had a follow up meeting on 30 December 2015 where Vani shared the info with me & recommended she got correct the current premises, but an even better option was to move back to the original premises we operated from.  A big ask indeed.  I had to make a decision on offices – I had one office that was fully Vaastu compliant and another that clearly not. I had occupied both spaces and had experienced first had the effect of good Vaastu and bad Vaastu.The office that was Vaastu compliant was in the process of a sale and I had to figure out if I wanted to unravel this.

In the end I spent several more days in early January 2016 contemplating and meditating on what to do and we finally decided to cancel the sale of the previous office and put the offices we were occupying on sale. As fate would have it we received an offer for the current offices before we even put it on the market – during the period when I was contemplating what to do I called an estate agent in the area to get a sense of pricing for my then current offices and the also to gauge the demand for offices and warehouse. She came back with an offer in less than 3 weeks from a large corporate and we concluded a sale for that property. Before concluding the sale I did implement most of the recommendations that Vani made for that space, so that the next owners would not endure the same challenges we did.I had to go through a small legal battle for my previous office as the buyer wanted to force me to proceed with the sale despite their being no valid sale agreement. We stood resolute and moved back into our old space.

We have been back in our old premise  for almost a year now (February 2016 to February  2017) and the business has completely turned around from where it was at the end of 2015.  We are in a much better space all round and back on our previous trajectory even though our industry is still facing challenges. Our cash flow has dramatically improved, new business has improved and we are all set to get back to where we were in June 2013.

This has been deeply personal and I am sharing this because of my relationship with Vani. The key to getting Vaastu right is using the right practitioner and Vani ticks all of those boxes.

I am sure that there are people out there that are skeptical of Vaastu and that is fine as well. For me personally I am involved in energy on a professional basis and also in my spiritual life with yoga and meditation. If there are techniques to manage energy in our spiritual lives and our commercial lives then surely there must be techniques to managing the energy in the spaces we occupy – and that is what Vaastu is about in my view.

Thank you to Vani  and Sanjay

Ravi Govender, Karebo Group

We met Vani in August 2018 amidst serious challenges on all fronts of my life: Business, Finances, Relationships - having tried all logical solutions to resolve, things were taking a long time to resolve and almost seeming like they were getting worse by the month. Following our consultation we implemented our changes in September 2018. It is now 15 months later and i can truly say miracles have flowed into my life at a greater speed than i had ever imagined. To list a few:

  • In June 2019 my business secured a partnership with a JSE top 40 listed company

  • My business turnover has increased in revenue by 61% year on year

  • Following placement of all legal issues in the support zone of my house - All legal matters have been resolved harmoniously with with some creditors writing of a third of liability owed to them

  • Changed jobs in my corporate career  - resulting in an unexpected increase in salary mid year, an increase in level and an increased alignment to my skills set

  • More truth came into my marriage resulting in a closer and more meaningful and loving relationship with my husband

  • We continue to experience an abundance of miracles!

Thank you beautiful Vani!

Nobesthu Ndlovu, Owner Burgandy Fly

“The Yoga Republic, is so very fortunate to have crossed paths with Vani when we were still in our first rented premises. When we found our new premise to purchase for our Eco yoga studio it was the perfect opportunity to implement the Vaastu from the foundations up. Vani  was instrumental in the design stage of the new space, advising where all the different “areas” & activities needed to be positioned.  All her “magic”‘ was done from the ground up. The results have been truly amazing. We receive compliments about the serenity and calmness of the space all the time,  and our business has grown in leaps and bounds. Nothing we do gets done without a consultation from  beautiful Vani. We are filled with gratitude and love for Vani and the amazing work she does so passionately and professionally.”

Owners, the Yoga Republic

I heard about Vaastu and have always had a fascination about energy and how vaastu works. I always wanted to have my home “ Vaastu’ed" but I found there were no consultants in SA. Also at the time I had no need for it, as things were good in life.

Pretty soon our family grew and we needed a bigger home. We eventually found a home that was within our budget and it ticked our checklist wonderfully. The lady that was living in it at the time was literally squatting for the past 3 years, her husband had left her and their kids shortly after they moved into our current home. We found out that she was extremely wealthy but had lost everything while in this home. She eventually left and we moved into what would be our dream home.

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Lalushka and Sandesh Panday, Directors of Office Studio

We were very excited. A month or two after living here things really started going crazy. My relationship with Sanz was falling apart, my relationships with my eldest son and family was not great either. Sanz, who is extremely family orientated seemed to be drifting even further apart and disconnected from everyone. Financially we were in the worst worst Rut in our entire lives. We had debit orders bouncing, sales were hard to come by and when they did, the debtors wouldn’t pay. My eldest son was struggling in school and his self esteem was at an all time low. I could not help him because we were logging heads so badly. Our once close relationship was now in shambles. I always prided myself on being exceptionally accurate with my work, studies and calculations but now I seemed to be making terrible and expensive mistakes (mistakes we literally could not afford making). It felt as if our lives were just crumbling before us and there was not a thing we could do about it.


Then I received Vani’s invite to the Vaastu Talk. I asked Sanz to come along with me. During that talk, so many things hit home for us. So there and then we knew we had to have our new home & our Factory Vaastu’ed. We eventually saved up and started the process of this investment.   Vani told me to take note of our bank account and to see the difference the following year. Her method of working, care and professionalism is rare and far between. Apart from the financial abundance we have been blessed with since doing the Vaastu, our relationships and the love you feel when you enter our home is what’s the most satisfying. Our home now feels like the sanctuary we’ve always dreamed about. It is filled with laughter and playfulness. Ours sons are thriving, confident and happy. I’m back on track with my accuracies at work, currently studying  a new language and learning new skills. Our business is back on track and growing. Everything that we told Vani about our concerns have been miraculously fixed.  Its now almost 2 years later and  I haven’t even finished all of the corrections she has given me as yet, simply because the changes that have already occurred are amazing.  


I can say so happily and contently that life is good, thanks to Vani and this ancient knowledge she has so graciously, respectfully, and lovingly parted to us.  Forever grateful. 

Lalushka and Sandesh Panday, Directors of Office Studio

Between 2014 and 2016 existing business deals started falling apart,  it was very difficult to secure new business, we experienced difficulties in sorting our annual taxes, expenses were sky high, staff were demotivated and our debtors payment time continued to increase. In parallel family discord arose and  physical and emotional health issues emerged . We attended a presentation given by Vani at a friends house and immediately realised that we need to engage Vani’s services. Vani did a thorough consultation and provided recommendations to address the defects and irregularities in our home, and our business premises.  We have a home office and everything from the colour of walls in the office to the colours of the walls in the bedrooms were incorrect together with other defects and Vaastu violations. We implemented most of the recommendations from Vani between 2017 and 2018 and today we have a thriving business that has gone to the next level. Our emotional, mental and physical health has improved and family relationships have also improved. Sincere gratitude to Vani, whom we are blessed to have you in our lives. We are currently setting up new consulting offices and Vani is assisting us in setting up that as well according to the principles of Vaastu. 

Gayachund and Sithara Satiyadev, Africode Consulting

For years I had felt that something was amiss in our home. Certain areas of the house resonated more than others, but I had dismissed it as all in my imagination. Then I was introduced to the ancient art of Vaastu Shastra by Vani. 

Astonishingly, she was able to scientifically show how certain areas clearly had better energy levels than others. More than just ‘good and bad energy’, Vani was able to tangibly explain challenges ranging from unexplained random medical problems, career stagnation, relationships concerns to financial stumbling blocks. Across multiple homes, she was able to transform our homes’ energy fields’ and in turn, our lives, immeasurably. In addition, her insights helped explain the years of business stagnation I had been experiencing. Despite working harder, longer and appearing from the outside as if my business was improving, it had not been growing more profitable and Vani was able to pinpoint the exact reasons why. Having been utterly convinced of the undeniable power of Vaastu, I have recommended that all friends and family entering a new home or business have their Vaastu assessed by Vani, especially if the history of the space (and the previous occupants) is less than ideal. So much so, that whenever anyone starts experiencing significant setbacks in life, that happen to coincide with a recent house or work move, I inevitably end up telling them about Vaastu and Vani’s amazing work.

Apart from being able to make a complex and somewhat abstract concept so easy to understand and implement, she is so detailed, meticulous, and passionate about what she does, it is truly inspiring. To think that the spaces we occupy on a regular basis can have such profound, life-altering effects on us is both mind-blowing and disconcerting, but thanks to Vani’s expertise, I know that my family, business and life are in capable hands!

Dr. K Padiaychee

Dear lovely Vani.

Once again you have blown my minds with this knowledge. After our kitchen renovation, which we did without Vani’s consultation (note to self never do anything again without consulting Vani), we started having money stolen from us and all unfavorable things happening on the financial side in our lives. A visit from Vani- ‘oh no there is water in your fire zone- change that ASAP-  This mean financial loss.’ We changed our beautiful black floor to a wooden floor and with 24 hours the following happens:

  • MTN refunds me for the money spent on a stolen SIM card they had previously told me was not their problem and they would not refund me.

  • My husband gets a refund from SARS

  • A staff member I caught stealing money from me paid it all back. It’s unbelievable.


Thank you Vani for your knowledge – you make this world a better place by sharing and being you.

Clint and Claire Smith

Dearest Vani


My family and I are always so grateful for having been introduced to you and for having the Vaastu System implemented in our home. Prior to consulting with you we were all experiencing high levels of anxiety and I was extremely accident prone since moving into our new house. You advised us to cover and seal our indoor pool and the accidents immediately ceased, and our anxiety levels  began to dissipate. We re-tiled our entire house and our home became so serene and peaceful. All aspects of our lives improved and whomever visits us always mentions the amazing energy within our home. I would never move into any other space without consulting you for Vaastu as I have seen and felt the blessings. 


Stay blessed always,

Adesh Reddy 

We unwittingly bought a new home which was a significant renovation project.  Once we completed renovations we eagerly moved in to the new house, but struggled to make the space our home. We faced many challenges and battles to resolve even the smallest of issues and differences. Fortuitously our paths crossed with Vani’s and we consulted her to review the Vastu of the House.  From the first consult, by assessing the plans Vani was able to accurately spell out the challenges we were experiencing and how the changes we had made had exacerbated our issues. We were convinced she was clairvoyant! We decided to go ahead with changes and balanced the space  accordingly to the Vastu principles and haven’t looked back since.  Almost miraculously the energies started to shift and the house started to feel like a beautiful and loving home.  Amazingly so many other aspects of our lives also started to flourish. The science behind these principles are truly transformative and life changing.  We  highly recommend Vani if you considering Vastu Shastra for your home and/or business, which we have done as well.  Her unparalleled commitment to and deep passion for wanting to sincerely transform and help is second to none. 


In gratitude

Dr. Shania Chetty and Tejal Desai

After receiving the Vaastu assessment from Vani I began to make the recommended changes. I immediately started to feel a difference in my space and within myself. After a few months these difference became more pronounced. Vani is open , warm and sincere in her approach and is a pleasure to deal with. After the positive results I have experienced in my life I feel that the science of Vaastu is valuable and would recommend the application of these principles to one’s home or business.

V. Doolabh, Johannesburg

Our initial Vaastu consult with Vani was met with huge scepticism, to say the least. Through her presentation, our understanding & fascination for this amazing architectural science grew. The detailed analysis report presented by Vani, coupled with her care & passion totally impressed us. We started experiencing the subtle effects from that day onward. As we progressed with the recommended changes in our home, we were amazed at how our personal, family & business challenges seemed to dissipate. The changes in our lives went from subtle to overwhelmingly Amazing! So we done with all the analysing & have complete trust & faith that the Vaastu has truly worked in our lives. We have learned so much about ourselves & remain in gratitude to Vani for guiding us so passionately. It has no doubt been an invaluable blessing.

Bilkees & Ebrahim Dinat

Since the Vaastu Shastra was performed in my home, I believe that I’ve maintained a well- balanced and peaceful life. Spiritually, I’ve excelled and the programmed space has influenced the positive direction my life has taken. Over the past 3 years, life presented me with the most amazing opportunities in terms of career. As a result, I’ve traveled the world twice, I interact with some of the influential people in my industry and great leaders in general. I’ve won awards, purchased property, up-skilled myself, and completely in touch with who I am and what feels right for me. Yes, there’s always room for improvement, but there are only two things required: Faith and Patience! And then allow Vani’s open and sincere heart to do the rest.

Roshni Morar

Dearest Vani


I wanted to write you a letter to tell you about the terrific impact your Vaastu Shastra skills have had on my life. Initially, I was very sceptical. I thought to myself “yah ok so she sees the plans of my house, how will that help?” Then, after looking at the plans, you came back to us with the 3 biggest issues that were affecting us. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe that you could look at our plans and house layout and deduce that we had:

  • Family relationship issues

  • Cash flow issues

  • My personal marketability in the workplace was low

It was at that point that I started to think that there was definitely some merit to this. After your explanation of how this works, and the initial consult, I was still a little sceptical, because I thought ok, lucky guess – you picked up on some issues I had… how are they going to be addressed.

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P. Sonne, Johannesburg

The second part of the process was the solution side of things, how to fix these issues. Let me share some of the incredible solutions:

  • Identified a lot of wastages; advised to place a certain item in a certain location. Result: within 3 months received a refund on two years of subscription costs with an armed response company who up until that point had never responded to my requests. It was worth more than all the costs of the consult and changes made.

  • Identified some family relationships that were just drifting apart (not a fight or anything, just a growing distance in the family relationships); advised to paint a certain section of the home, and add a few pictures. Result: my relationship with my parents has improved to the very best it has ever been. Their relationship with my wife has grown from strength to strength. Our relationship with my in-laws has also improved dramatically… up until the Vaastu exercise, my brother-in-law had only ever visited and stayed over once in 7 years. In the last year he has been over multiple times, and we went on a cruise together. All our relationships with the family has improved.

  • Identified a marketability issue where the job market just didn’t see me; advised to paint a certain area a specific colour, place a few plants and so on. Result: within the first few weeks of completing the changes, I landed my first client in my consulting practice. A year later, I hold an executive position with the largest company in Africa, after someone from Poland reached out to me completely at random through social media. Over and above that, I’ve been offered a sessional lecturing post with one of the leading business schools in Africa.

  • Identified a cash flow situation; advised to paint a certain area and make some minor adjustments. Result: within a few months we were on a holiday in Paris. Since then, I’ve been overseas twice, on a cruise, my wife has been 3 times and is about to embark on another trip. We have had multiple holidays locally as well. I’ve acquired a state of the art dream PC, fibre to the home, and many other luxury items I never thought I could afford.


These are just a few of the examples of how my life has dramatically changed for the better since doing this Vaastu Shastra with Vani. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the knowledge bestowed on us. We have so much less stress in our lives, on every front. I have told every person I can how valuable this is. In terms of professionalism, Vani was incredible. Everything was perfectly managed, well executed, clear and precise. When we had questions, Vani was readily available, and willing to assist and gave excellent advice. The consultation process was superb, the guidance given from such a wonderful, loving space. I felt taken care, and I felt hope to come out of one of the worst patches of my life (two retrenchments in 3 years).

Thank you Vani! Thank you for working so hard to become an authority in this field. Thank you for making such a valuable and profound impact on my life.

Love and gratitude,

P. Sonne, Johannesburg

Introducing Vaastu Shastra into our space has been an amazing process. Even though we were advised that it would take some months to fully see the impact of implementing the changes into our home, we found that life shifted and doors opened from within 2 weeks. The alignment of financial and relationship zones has led to the birth of opportunities in the areas that required attention, and enhancing the effects of areas that were already balanced has brought an abundance of new potential and growth.

G. Kali, Agni Media, Johannesburg

Vani consulted with early February 2016.  I was recommended by one of my closest friends.  Although I had a 6 week wait for my consultation, it was well worth the wait. I experienced and few challenges that were recurring in my life – I had challenges with personal relationships, my network of clients was barely existent, and I was always blessed with making money, however it seemed to vanish equally fast.  I am self employed and working from home. Vani is one of the most beautiful, gentle souls, I have met.  She offers solutions that are simple, yet practical.  I didn’t have to go out and spend thousands – the recommendations were done with ease.  Everything I do around my home, is done with Vaastu in mind.  I found that clients that I have not heard from in years, reached out to me.  My relationships are easy personally and professionally.  Every client I meet gives me more work.  Deals are closing with ease.  At times, I have been overwhelmed with “how am I going to deliver?”  I have been getting referral business – word of mouth.  And one year later, January 2018, I am now moving into offices – which of course, Vani will be consulting with before I consider taking it. Thank Vani for introducing Vaastu in my life!

Anita Munsamy, Director, RED Recruitment, Johannesburg

Vani had performed Vaastu in our home in 2017. Prior to the Vaastu been undertaken we felt a sense of fatigue and anxiety from the time we moved into the house. We further felt like we were not recognized in the work place for our hard work and due to this we were not receiving any bonuses or extra income. We were trying to find new positions in the market, however this was also a challenge and we felt stagnant and unappreciated at work. Our overall happiness was affected by the circumstances and challenges we were in at the time and things felt less joyous everyday.


I went for an Art of Living Course where Vani was the teacher, I was so drawn to her and her energy during the course that I felt the need to google her when I completed the course. After some research I found out that Vani is the only person in Africa that is certified to perform Vaastu Shastra on properties. Immediately I called her and set up an appointment knowing that things are abnormally challenging since we moved into our home. Vani confirmed this when she used her very special software to determine where there was imbalance of the elements in our home. She was able to inform us on the challenges we were having based on the results of her findings after analyzing our house plans.


Vani was very friendly and open to discuss our issues and made us feel very comfortable to discuss personal challenges we were experiencing. She put a plan together for us without changing any infrastructure in our house. She simply recommended colour tones, artefacts and placed some metals into the floor in different places in the house.


Within weeks of completing this exercise. We immediately got promotions in the workplace. Money was not exiting as fast as it used to and expenses lowered. Our confidence levels increased that helped us perform even better at work. We developed good relationships with our families and friends. We have a feeling of peace and courage regardless of what life throws at us.


The Vaastu doesn’t correct everything 100% but what it does do is bring a sense of peace, prosperity and most importantly, happiness in the home, and at the same time reducing weak areas.


I may have been skeptical in the beginning but I was so desperate to correct a feeling that something was not right in our household that I decided to go ahead with the Vaastu, taking a chance and not knowing whether it will work or not. I am so glad that my husband and I made the decision to go ahead with it.


The Vaastu performed by Vani is really some magic and the experience is seamless because Vani’s A personality really covers all the details and information you require prior to the implementation.


I truly recommend that everyone should get this done in their businesses, homes or any property in order to have one less obstacle to deal with in life.

Teej and Manisha Govender

“Although I read about Feng Shui and heard about the even more ancient Vaastu Shashtra, I was cautious to do anything to my home without consultation with someone I trusted. My own esoteric journey had already firmly established the interconnected nature of everything, so when my friend, Vani Pavadai, became the very first Vaastu Archarya in our country, it was like a gift from the Divine. My first consultation with Vani was in  2013 after being in my home for 15 years. She professionally and quickly identified areas in my home which where indicative of problem areas in my life. After applying several of the simple remedies, I experienced a huge shift in my surroundings and myself. As a person who meditates daily, I felt the shifts profoundly, sometimes on the physical level and sometimes more subtly.The most significant changes that I experienced was a new depth of my yogic practice and my ability to study, focus, retain information and concentrate, which I was struggling with earlier. My relationships with certain people, which had been turbulent and uncertain suddenly settled down bringing a sense of peace to my mind. Some changes were slow to manifest, and I soon realized that this was as a result of me not  implementing all the remedies. Once I applied all including things as simple as painting a few walls,  I have experienced  a contentment, the calibre of which I had never before experienced. ‘Thank you’ cannot express the gratitude I have to Vani and Vaastu Shastra. We are so fortunate to have this ancient wisdom held and shared by a person like Vani, who is herself honorable, trustworthy and a person of integrity.

A. Naidoo. Johannesburg

Both myself and my wife did hear of Vaastu Shastra some time back, however about about a year ago we were provided with the inner workings of this Vedic science by Vani and Sanjay and found it to be very intriguing. Since the adoption of the Vaastu Shastra into our house and our lives we have certainly seen tangible changes in both our professional and personal lives. We have reaped the benefits tenfold from our initial investment. Copious amounts of money are expended daily on items apart from food, from entertainment to luxuries that sometimes is truly unnecessary . However an investment made in Vaastu is an investment in a future for you and your family to enjoy a more fulfilled life  on various levels , good health, wealth, prosperity and a spiritually enriched life. It’s almost magical and miraculous to see how beautifully life has unfolded in terms of careers opportunities that were secured, subtle but astonishing development in mannerism and emotional behavior of children including academic performance. Above all an inexplicable sense of harmony , peace and joy in the home that’s priceless. We feel blessed to know Vani and Sanjay , they became part of the family . It has been such a beautiful, seamless process , problem free with incredible benefits . We feel blessed and thankful to had this opportunity. We would certainly recommend others to try it out and see for themselves.


Thank you Van & Sanj!

Anonymous Midrand

I have been blessed to cross paths with Vani who has literally made a huge impact in my life and living space at home.  The first time I experienced the positive effects of vaastu was in 2014 when my husband and I were on the verge of separation and financial strain. Having heard about Vani’s gift to the world and the amazing work she has done, we contacted her for assistance.  I can only say that meeting her was divine intervention. Vani is not only professional, accurate, and extremely knowledgeable but also fun to be around.  She shared her profound knowledge on vaastu and provided an in-depth analysis of our current living space, which was the cause of such turmoil at home. Her guidance and personal touch to the remedies that needed to be done was implemented and 3 months later my family was on a solid path of recovery. We really do under-estimate just what a difference having a living space with proper flow and balance can mean in terms of happy, healthy and relaxed living. Also, our heavy financial strain encounter improved immensely to the point of been blessed with a new home this year and once again we consulted with Vani to create a happy space for us. Couple her vaastu knowledge with her design talent and you have someone that is an exceptional person to work with. Even my son is now sleeping in his own room J Bonus ! Thank you Vani, you have changed our lives forever with vaastu- personally, professionally and spiritually!!

Mrs. Naidoo, Johannesburg.

We were referred by a friend to Vaastu Shastra  and the positive work Vani was doing. At the time, despite our best efforts we were experiencing challenges across multiple areas of our lives. We decided to approach the consultation with an open mind, hopeful that there may be a positive outcome for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Vani right from the onset. She is professional, structured and candid - she relays the Vaastu Shashtra principles simply, making it easy to understand. The adjustments Vani suggested in our home were practical and once implemented, we experienced some notable improvements within a short time frame. Over time, we experience significant improvements in our finances, relationships, health and career. We believe in the Vaastu Shashtra principles and worked with Vani on the design of our new home too. Vani consistently delivered a great client experience and we appreciate the care she showed to us.

Anonymous Waterfall Estate Midrand
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